Final Sharing and Desimination Workshop held on 26th September, 2016 at MOPE Meeting Hall.

Ministry of Population and Environment (MoPE) has been implementing a project named “Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in Development (MCCRMD)” under Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR). Under MCCRMD, a project named “District Training on Climate Change and Community based Adaptation Planning” is being implemented with Rupantaran Nepal. The district level training on Climate Change and Community-based Adaptation Planning has completed in 30 districts of Central, Western, Mid-Western and Far Western Development Regions of Nepal.

Main objectives of this final workshop were:

  • To share the training, process, results, challenges and lessons learnt of the assignment
  • To share follow-up and early impact assessment findings of district training phase-II
  • To discuss and propose recommendations for MOPE and other government ministries/departments on how to continue capacity building on climate change adaptation at the district and community level.

The Final Sharing and Dissemination workshop was started with welcome speech from Raju Babu Pudasaini, Under Secretary and the National Programme Manager, MCCRMD/MoPE. He briefed about the programme “District Training on Climate Change Community based Adaptation Planning Phase II”.

There were two presentations from joint venture partners. Mr. Bal Bahadur Shahi, the Team Leader presented about the assignment mainly exclaiming introduction, coverage, key achievements of deliverables, strengths, areas to be improved, lessons learn and suggestions. The second presentation was from Mr. Kapil Neupane, the Monitoring Specialist on Follow up and Early Impact Assessment, mainly explaining rational of EIA, sampling, Methodologies, tools, limitations and major findings with lessons learnt and recommendations.

There was two video show regarding training delivery processes of the assignment and results of assessment of early impact after delivery of training events.

There were altogether 50 participants from Ministry of Population and Environment, senior officials from different concerned Government Departments and relevant organizations and programmes

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