PPCR2-AMIS: One day Project Implementation Workshop in Saptari District

One day Project Implementation Workshop in Saptari District

AMIS workshop Saptari (3)

One day district level project implementation workshop on “Agriculture Management Information System” under PPCR: BRCH Project was organized on 11th March 2016 in District Agriculture Development Office (DADO) Saptari to share what project is and its implementation plan with key stakeholders and collect feedback from them. Nearly 45 participants from the government, private sector, non-governmental organizations and research institutes attended the meeting.

The implementation workshop was inaugurated by Chairperson Mr.Bhagrath Yadav –Senior Agriculture Development Officer-Saptari followed by welcome speech of Mr. Roshan Mehta Agri-Extension Officer-DADO Saptri. After inauguration, Mr. Yadav highlighted the importance of immediate and short-term weather forecasts and agro-advisories and longer-term information about improved varieties, seeds, climate smart technologies and market developments. He further shared that Agriculture Management Information System (AMIS) is especially useful in helping farmers to manage risks in what is already an exceptionally risky sector in which to operate, and in offsetting much of the uncertainty that so often obliges decision making and innovation. He has shown keen interest to the project and is ready to support by proper coordination from Ministry of Agricultural Development (MoAD) to local level.

The project in a nutshell was presented by Mr. Shib Nandan Prasad Shah, National Project Director, PPCR:BRCH-AMIS Project.  He shared about project objectives, outcomes, outputs, and project sites, major activities until date and implementation plan. Furthermore, he shared about affected agriculture land in last 10 years due to natural and climatic hazards. Likewise, he shared trend of loss in production of major stable crops like rice, maize, millet and buckwheat in last 4 years.

Mr. Manoj Thankur from NARC  shared about activities implemented by NARC for instance digitization, agro-advisory bulletin, information dissemination.

Mr. Kiran Raj Mishra, Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant from AMIS Project share about selection criteria from VDC level to farming communities. In addition, his  video demonstration regarding “Hamro Krishi” mobile application caught a sight of every participants with great enthusiasm.

Key Recommendations from the participants

  • Include key stakeholders during project implementation, farmers’ group selection, crop and livestock insurance (Mr. Deo Narayan Yadab, Director Koshi Flood Vulnerable Committee).
  • Establish Agro-Call centre also in “Krishi Sewa Kendra” for two way communication rather than establishing only in DADO (Mr. Ramesh Prasad Gupta-District Cooperatives Group, Saptari).
  • Inform key outputs of the project to concerned stakeholders at different steps by organizing Workshops and meetings.
  • Focus on capacity building of government focal person and staff at different level.

The entire workshop was facilitated by Mr. Hari Regmi, Agriculture Officer from MoAD-AMIS.

Participants from PMU:

  1. Mr. Shib Nandan Prasad Shah-National Project Director-PPCR:BRCH-AMIS
  2. Mr. Ganesh Chalise-Account Officer-PPCR:BRCH-AMIS
  3. Mr. Hari Regmi-Agriculture Officer/Information Officer-PPCR:BRCH-AMIS
  4. Mr. Kiran Raj Mishra-Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant-PPCR:BRCH-AMIS
  5. Mr. Surendra Gautam-Social and Communication Consultant-PPCR:BRCH-AMIS

AMIS workshop Saptari (2)

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