The Presentation Meeting on Climate Change Risk Management Framework was held on the September 9, 2016 in MOPE Meeting Hall.

The major objectives of the meeting

  • To familiarise Ministry of Population and Environment(MOPE) officials  with the CCRMF components
  • To discuss on the initial screening of tools to identify which need to undergo further VA and AP assessment
  • To discuss incorporation of Climata Change adaptation component in EIA


The meeting started with the opening remarks from Mr. Narayan Raj TImilsina, Joint Secretary and Chief of Environment Division from Ministry of Population and Environment (MOPE). The meeting was headed forward by Mr. Akhanda Sharma, Senior Division Engineer and National Project Manager, MOPE/PPCR3

There were two presentation during the meeting. First presentation was delivered  by Mr. Peter John,  Climate Change Risk Mangement Specialist presentation on climate change risk management framework and initial screening  tools for resilient infrastructure.Another presentation was delivered by Dr. Pashupati Nepal, National Risk Management Specialist/ TA Project  on suggestions for including climate change adaptation in EIA legislation and regulations.

All the senior officials from Ministry of Population and Environment, present in the meeting actively participated in the discussion.



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