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Radio is one of the most popular and accessible communication media in Nepal. With the emergence of FM Radio stations, radio has become an important means for government and civil society to relay development messages to the wider public. Radio reaches all areas of the country – even its most remote districts. For this reason, PPCR is communicating messages about mainstreaming climate change in development through radio programs. The radio program ‘Jalwayu Pariwartan (Climate Change)’ will cover local, national and international climate change issues. The program will share knowledge and learning, explore strategies for climate change adaptation from local to national level, and inform the public about government policy, priorities, and action plans..


The main objectives of the Climate Change Radio Program are to:

  • inform and raise awareness of communities, the general public, VDCs and District level planners and other stakeholders on climate change impact and related issues, government policies, plans and ongoing and planned activities.
  • encourage and advocate local level adaptive and resilience capacity.
  • disseminate good practices, case studies and lesson learned from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience.

Frequency, Day and Time

  • Duration:                 30 ± 2 minutes
  • Frequency:              Once a week on Sunday
  • Time:                        7:30 AM

Schedule of Jalwayu Pariwartan to broadcast

Frequency (MHz)
Broadcast Day
Broadcast Time
1Ujyaalo 90 FM90.0LalitpurSunday7:30 AM
2Sky FM106.6MorangSunday7:30 AM
3Saptakoshi FM90.0SunsariSunday7:30 AM
4Solu FM101.2SolukhumbuMonday6:30 PM
5Radio Samagra107.6SirahaSunday7:30 AM
6Radio Nunthar102.6RautahatSunday7:30 AM
7Kalinchock FM106.4DolakhaTuesday7:00 PM
8Choice FM99.4GorkhaMonday7:00 PM
9Synergy FM91.6ChitwanSunday7:30 AM
11Madi FM107.6ChitwanThursday5:30 PM
10Radio Taranga107.6KaskiSunday7:30 AM
12Radio Marsyangdi95.0LamjungMonday7:00 PM
13Butwal FM94.4RupandehiSunday7:30 AM
14Sarathi FM107.4BaglungSunday7:30 AM
15Radio Kripalu99.0PyuthanFriday6:15 PM
16Radio Madhyapachim91.4DangSunday7:30 AM
17Radio Bheri FM98.6SurkhetSunday7:30 AM
18Radio Nari Aawaj100.6JumlaSunday7:30 AM
19Radio Paurakhi90.4BajuraSunday7:30 AM
20Ghodaghodi FM88.3KailaliSunday8:15 AM
21Shuklaphanta FM99.4KanchanpurSunday7:15 AM
22Radio Sudur Aawaj95.0DadeldhuraSunday7:30 AM

Coverage and stations

NepalMap_PPCR_Radio new

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1 May 2016 (19 Baisakh 2073)
Climate change and food security, field report from Sunsari, biochar, government effort to address food security problem, interview with Dr. Shree Prasad Bista, Mr. Yogendra Kumar Karki, Planning Devision Chief, Ministry of Agriculture Development
3524 April 2016 (12 Baisakh 2073)Field discussion on District Training and Community based Climate Change Adaptation from RupandehiEpisode 35
EpisodeBroadcast DateTopic/IssueListen
Gorkha district training news covered by Gorkha FM, Choice FM, Gorakhkali FMGorkha District Training News
3417 April 2016 (5 Baisakh 2073)Land use and new urban centers, Report on new city of Burtibang, Baglung; interview with Chakrabarti Katha, DUDBC and Umesh B. MallaEpisode 34
3310 April 2016 (28 Chait 2072)Land use and traditional pasture land management practices, Report on Nawa partha of Solukhumbu; interview with Ajaya Dixit of ISETEpisode 33
323 April 2016 (21 Chait 2072)Practicum, and youth and environment; Discussion among students on VA at Shankharapur; Interview with Ajaya Mathema and Bhupendra SharmaEpisode 32
3127 March 2016 (14 Chait 2072)Climate Change Mitigation through forest conservation, carbon sync; carbon trade; report from Gorkha; interview with DFO Gorkha Jibnath Paudel; Under Secretary Narendra Bahadur ChandEpisode 31
3020 March 2016 (7 Chait 2072)GHG mitigation and cycle as clean transport; Interview with Hon'ble minister Mr. Vishwendra Paswan, Secretary Mr. Vijay Mallik, Mr. Yugan Manandhar; Vox pop with cycle riders and report on cycling in KathmanduEpisode 30
2913 March 2016 (30 Fagun 2072)Water and climate chnage, discussion at studio with DG from Dept of Hydrology and Meteorology, and DG from Dept of Water Supply and SanintationEpisode 29
Vox pop/opinion of participants of the district training on Big FM, KaskiVox Pop on participants opinion on climate change
Lothar bridge report on Synergy FM, ChitwanRadio report on Lothar bridge
286 March 2016 (23 Fagun 2072)Water related problem (Drought), Drought in Agriculture, Adaptation measure, Drought in far western, Adaptation measure adopted by farmers from Bara; Interview with Shivanandan SahEpisode 28
District CC training coverage by Radio ParsaDistrict news coverage
2728 February 2016 (16 Fagun 2072)Water related problem (Flood), early warning system, report from Holiya, Banke and Bagmati river, Interview with Mr. Rajendra Sharma, DHMEpisode 27
2621 February 2016 (9 Fagun 2072)Water related problem and workload to women, report from Doti and Kathmandu; Effort of water conservation; Interview with Mr. Kiran Darnal, DWSSEpisode 26
2514 February 2016 (2 Fagun 2072)Discussion on climate modelling for infrastructure development; vox pop of DHM modelling training; discussion among Er. Jivan Kumar Shrestha, Dr. Binod Shakya, Mr. Dipak AryalEpisode 25
2431 January 2016 (17 Magh 2072)Review and summarizing produced and broadcasted 'Jalwayu Program' with interview of Deputy Team Leader Ms. Nabina ShresthaEpisode 24
2324 January 2016 (10 Magh 2072)Mainstreaming community-based adaptation plan into district planning; Field discussion at Myagdi.Episode 23
2217 January 2016 (3 Magh 2072)Climate change and women verification through research. Voices from Sindhupalchok and Surkhet. Interview with researchers Prem Sagar Chapagain and Sushila Chatarji Nepali and Academician Dr. Anjana Singh.Episode 22
2110 January 2016 (26 Pus 2072)Enhancing climate resilience capacity through scientific verification and research. Case of Agriculture and Settlement. Interview with researchers Bed Mani Dahal and Hari Krishna Shrestha; VC of NAST Prof. Dr. Jib Raj Pokhrel and Academician Dr. Dinesh Raj Bhuju.Episode 21
203 January 2016 (19 Pus 2072)PPCR1: Field based discussion on watershed managementEpisode 20
26 December 2015 (11 Pus 2072)Aajko Hamro Chaso, radio program from radio surkhet on climate change; interview with NPD Mr. Mahendra Man GurungHamro Chaso (Our Concern)
1927 December 2015 (12 Pus 2072)Result management framework, Interview with the NPD; and NPM, NCCSPEpisode 19
Promo2: Jalwayu PariwartanNew Promo
1820 December 2015 (5 Pus 2072)Discussion on COP21 and Nepal's participation, agenda, achievement; Report on COP21 with voices of participants; Interview with the minister; and secretary of the MOSTEEpisode 18
1713 December 2015 (27 Mangsir 2072)Agriculture management information system and climate resilient agriculture; report from Banke; interview with Mr. Shibnandan P Shah and Mr. Surendra GautamEpisode 17
166 December 2015 (20 Mangsir 2072)Hydrology and meteorology data for climate resilience, report from Babai river, interview with DHM and BRCH staffEpisode 16
1529 November 2015 (13 Mangsir 2072)Indigenous knowledge and practices on climate change adaptation, field report from Lamjung on Gol Ghar (round house) with local people voices; interview with Ms. Prava Pokharel, IDS; Mr. Raju Babu Pudashaini, NPM, MCCRMDEpisode 15
1422 November 2015 (6 Mangsir 2072)PPCR 4: Field based discussion with representative from Practical Action, Eastern Sugar Mills, farmers from Sunsari and Morang; interview with Ms. Akira Dhakhwa, PPCR 4 Program CoordinatorEpisode 14
1315 November 2015 (29 Katik 2072)Rapid Environmental Assessment, and Earthquake & Climate-friendly Housing, Report on earthquake impact on environment and resettlement issue; Interview with Dr. Krishna Chandra Paudel, Secretary-MOSTE; Dr. Shankar Sharma, Team Leader, REA Study TeamEpisode 13
128 November 2015 (22 Katik 2072)Mainstreaming climate change in Local and Community-based Adaptation Planning; report on district level training, Interview with Mr. Mohan Joshi, Dept of Envt; Ms. Ramila Bhandari, MoFALD; Mr. Sohan Shrestha, RupantaranEpisode 12
111 November 2015 (15 Katik 2072)Mainstreaming climate change in Secondary Education; report on necessary for climate change curriculum, experience of teachers experience on science and climate change issues, Interview with Mr. Dambar Angdambe, DDG-Curriculum Development Center.Episode 11
105 October 2015 (8 Katik 2072)Mainstreaming climate change in water and sanitation (WASH) sector; report on water problem in terai (Manakapur, Banke) and flood washed drinking water infrastructure in Jhupra water scheme, Surkhet, concerned stakeholders voices; interview with Mr. Ram Chandra Devkota, DG-DWSS.Episode 10
918 October 2015 (1 Katik 2072)Mainstreaming climate change in road sector; report on rural road from Panchthar with local people, concerned stakeholders voices; interview with Mr. Jivan Kumar Shrestha, DG-DOLIDAR, Mr. Bijaya Kumar Mahato, Divisional Engineer, Dept. of Roads and Mr. Umesha Jha, DDG-DoR.Episode 9
811 October 2015 (24 Aswin 2072)Mainstreaming climate change in urban sector; report on settlement at Bagmati River area; interview with Er. Umesh Malla, Consultant-MCCRMD; Mr. Mani Ram Gelal, DDG-DUDBCEpisode 8
74 October 2o15 (17 Aswin 2072)Mainstreaming Climate Change in University Curriculum; Report on climate change integration in university curriculum; Interview with Mr. Ajaya Bhakta Mathema-PU, Prof. Sadhana Pradhananga-TU, Dr. Dipak Aryal-TU.Episode 7
627 September 2015 (10 Aswin 2072)Issues on Local Adaptation Plan for Action (LAPA), COP in Paris, experience from Achham and Dhankuta on LAPA preparation and implementation; Interview with joint secretary Ram Prasad LamsalEpisode 6
520 September 2015 (3 Aswin 2072)Issues on water induced disaster (WID) sector and making WID sector climate resilient; report from report from Narayani with voices of locals; Interview with Deputy Director General of the Dept of Water Induced Disaster Prevention Mr. Noor Mohammad Khan, and Mr. Arbinda Yadav, SDEEpisode 5
413 September 2015 (27 Bhadra 2072)Issues on irrigation sector and making irrigation sector climate resilient; report from Argeli irrigation in Palpawith voices of locals; Interview with Director General of the Dept of Irrigation Mr. Madhav Belbase, and Mr. Binaya Koirala, Chief, Environment and Climate Change SectionEpisode 4
36 September (20 Bhadra 2072)Issues on mainstreaming climate change in the infrastructure sectors; Report from Myagdi; Interview with Mr. Akhanda Sharma and Er. Gyanesh BajracharyaEpisode 3
230 August 2015 (13 Bhadra 2072)Pilot Program for Climate Resilient, talking to Mahendra Man Gurung, Ram Singh Thapa, Dr. Rishi Ram Sharma, Shiva Nandan Sah with short information on PPCR4Episode 2
123 August 2015 (6 Bhadra 2072Climate change and Nepal’s effort to resilience; talk with MOSTE Secretary Dr. Krishna Chandra Paudel; Field voice from Bardia and LaitpurEpisode 1
8 pm on 9 September 2015 and 8 am 10 September 2015News covered by Ujaalo 90 NetworkNews on CDC training in Ktm
Promo1: Jalwayu PariwartanPromo 1

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