Electronic version of the monthly bulletin is collection of activities, news and happenings of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) compiled and circulated by Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in Development (MCCRMD). It is uploaded and circulated in the first week of the month. If you wish to receive eBulletin and/or contribute to it, please do write to <info@ppcr.moste.gov.np>.

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October 2015

September 2015

  1. Summary of Climate Change Research Grants Projects
  2. Nepali Bulletin, July-August 2015 (Saun-Bhadra, 2072)
  • Other News
  1. ADB to Double Annual Climate Change Financing to $6Billion for Asia-Pacific by 2020
  2. Ozone Day Celebrated

August 2015


July 2015


  • New Knowledge Helps Nepal Adapt to Uncertain Climate Future
  • AMIS launched SMS system
  • AMIS’s ICT Initiatives for Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Phase II: District Training
  • ‘Jalbayu Paribartan’ to go on-air
  • Consultation workshop on integrating climate change topics in M.Sc. Hydrology & Meteorology, Tribhuvan University
  • Tiffin Talk: Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in Development: Sharing progress
  • University Professors Study Tools to Apply in Climate Change Analysis
  • Sharing knowledge and strengthening ties in PPCR
  • New Publications:
  1. Educating Youth about Climate Change
  2. Key Lessons from the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience
  3. Nepal Climate Change Program: Progress Report 2014
  • News from Newspaper
  • Useful resources from CIF web

June 2015

  • Climate Change Projects Coordination Committee (CCPCC) Technical Working Group Meeting
  • NAST holds orientation workshop on Climate Change Research Grant Program for 36 researchers
  • Curriculum Development Centre completes first regional teacher training program on climate change
  • Second issue of Building Resilience to Climate-Related Hazards
  • Evaluating the intervention in climate change risk reduction in sugarcane, rice and maize: A Baseline evaluation
  • Capacity building and Demonstrating Climate adaptive methods, practices and technologies
  • Message from the editor
  • Sharing knowledge on resilience for Nepal’s recovery and reconstruction
  • Planning for a changing climate in Nepal
  • MOSTE Undertaking Rapid Environmental Assessment of recent Earthquake
  • PPCR 1 – BCRWME: A two-day orientation program for the second batch of Field Technical Team
  • PPCR 2 – BRCH: Grievances management training completed
  • PPCR 2 – AIMS on facebook
  • PPCR 4 – BCRC through PPP Promoting Climate Resilient Agriculture in Nepal
  • PPCR 3 – MCCRMD: Nepal PPCR representatives attend PPCR stocktaking event in Tajikistan
  • Plastic bag ban in Kathmandu Valley
March 2015
  • Old Ways Offer New Solutions: Valuing Indigenous and Local Knowledge for Climate Resilience
  • Sub-project preparation reportscompleted in 8 VDCs
  • Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk Management in the Urban Sector
  • New Publications
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  1. Indigenous and Local Knowledge and Practices for Climate Resilience in Nepal (Main Report)
  2. Case Studies on Indigenous and Local Climate Change Adaptation Practices in Nepal (Complete case studies)
  3. Case Study: Introduction
  4. Case Study: Water Management
  5. Case Study: Forest and Pasture
  6. Case Study: Rural Transport
  7. Case Study: Settlements and Housing
  8. Case Study: Traditional Social Institutions
  9. Microsyllabus and Teaching Materials of Climate Change for B.Sc. Meteorology
  10. Syllabus for B.Sc. Meteorology
February 2015
  • Research on climate change initiated
  • Educating youth about climate change
  • Communication and Knowledge Management Working Group of PPCR
  • Mainstreaming Climate Change Risk in Water and Sanitation Sector
  • PPCR web linked to climate investment blog
  • new publication in our web
  1. Curriculum on B.Sc. Environmental Management
  2. Climate Change and Society (B.Sc. Environmental Management)
  3. Curriculum on M.Sc. Environmental Management
  4. Climate Change (M.Sc. Environmental Management)
  5. Curriculum on M.Sc. Natural Resources Management
  6. Climate Change in Natural Resources Management (M.Sc. NRM)
  7. Climate Change: Self Learning Material
  8. Climate Change: Glossary
  9. Climate-Change-Community-Based-Adaptation : Manual (Nepali)

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